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Business, family and personal life Assistants

Who we are


   The Quantum leap management group are an elite team of  business, family and personal life specialists.  Our service is designed to support you in all areas of your busy working life.  Whether it's a short or long term assignment needed at your  home, office or corporate place of business, we are dedicated to giving you the specific help you need.  We understand the real  complexities and challenges  of managing a work, life balance .    






Our Aims and Principles


Our principles are very simple. Order, reliability, trust and confidentiality.  Our clients are first priority in everything we do, and excellence is at the helm of how we operate.

The Quantum leap management Group will help you take off some of the weight that a hectic and busy work and personal lifestyle can load on you.


PA/ Executive Assistant


Booking Travel

Scheduling meetings, managing calendars

Client meet and greet service

Liaison and Stakeholder negotiation

Delivering proposals, presentations and meeting minutes.

Report writing 

Contract administration 

New business onboarding processes

Organising  seminars, training and events.  All ad hoc administration duties



Personal Life Assistant


Arranging specialist appointments and services (health, beauty, and family appointments, etc

Organising personal travel (document applications, keeping travel and diary schedules,  

Confidential and legal requirement administration

Supporting family with day to day  requirements

HR recruitment - household staff, maintenance services, etc.,

Looking after household pets - arranging vet visits, pet grooming appointments, etc.



Maintaining daily household/business functions and duties.

Organising repairs, 

Home and office logistics   

Administration duties; including, filing, sorting post, recycling,  

Managing household financials and insurances

Utilities, services etc.

Researching best deals and services for home and business.



A variety of housekeeping duties such as hoovering, floor and carpet cleaning, dusting and polishing 

Household and Grocery Shopping

Health and Safety Compliance

Plan and cook meals 

Wash dishes and clean kitchen according to agreed hygiene standards

Clean appliances 

Nanny & Babysitting Duties

Laundry and Ironing



Researching event locations, 

Managing invitation lists,


Creating  guest lists,  

Developing agendas and other pre-event planning

Arranging tickets,

Managing event staff, hosting

Organising catering

Organising furniture/exhibition facilities

Clean up

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